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Effective Responses to a Buyer Leads
Your product’s quality and pricing are not the only thing you should pay attention to.  The way you respond to a buyer’s request plays a big part in making a successful sale. Here is our guide on how to write an effective response!

What is a Buyer Lead on B2Brazil?
Buyer leads are contacts from buyers requesting product quotes and information. You can receive buyer leads in 3 ways: (1) a Buyer sends you a direct lead, (2) a Buyer lead is distributed to sellers in the same subcategory and (3) you send a Sell Lead and Buyers reply to your Sell Lead. 

You may respond to Buyer Leads by using your regular email, whatsapp, telephone or by accessing your account’s Negotiations Central messaging area.  You must have a Lead Credit to answer a Buyer Lead and to see his contact info.  The main goal of your response to a Buyer Lead is to meet the Buyer’s request.  Your first response is very important.

Great responses lead you to successful sales.
The Buyer who contacted you is showing their interest in your product.  But, they probably contacted other sellers too – wouldn’t you?  So, they are looking for more information to consider doing business with you.

A Buyer Lead is giving you a promising, valuable business opportunity.  A response that does not answer the Buyer’s request may lose that opportunity.  That is why you should treat every lead with care and respect.

Response Tips
General responses that do not meet the Buyer’s inquiry will fall flat.  You should keep in mind the following:
1. Understand the request precisely.  The most important thing is that you can provide your customer with the information they need.
2. Reply as soon as possible. The sooner you respond, the more professional and the better impression they have for you.
3. Know what you are sending. If the customer explained in detail the thing they want, your response should assure to satisfy all their requests. But, do not overdo with added data -- too much information will leave your customer confused and perhaps irritated.

Writing responses is not as hard as you may think!
1. Opening:  Firstly, open your inquiry response with appreciation. After that, mention their inquiry in the former email so that they know that you are meeting their request in your response.  
2. Body:  Secondly, create a useful body that provides the information needed.  Do not be complicated -- go straight to the main points.  Do not send extra items for nothing.  “According to your inquiry, ___.”  “To answer your question, ___.  
3. Closing:   Finally, end your inquiry response in an open manner.  Let them know you welcome any request. Show them you are always ready to help in case they have any problem and express your sincere hope for further discussion. Do not forget to include your contact details as well.

Kindly suggest a call or virtual meeting.  Let them know you welcome any request. Show them you are always ready to help in case they have any problem. Do not forget to mention your contact details as well, so that they know where to find you.

If the Buyer replies, then you can take it from there.

What if the Buyer does not reply?
Buyer’s will normally contact multiple Sellers, and even if your response is prompt and to the point, they may not reply.  You should follow up with the buyer by sending a short follow up message, try to use whatsapp, international buyers are using it very frequently.  Suggest a call or virtual meeting.  You may also try to call the buyer directly to make sure they receive your message. 

If the Buyer decides to not buy from you or does not reply, the Buyer Lead still has value.  Create an email database of your buyers and send periodic messages to them about your product promotions, upgrades, and news.  By keeping the buyer engaged, you can generate a future sale.  Many times, a buyer may make the decision to buy based on timing, impulse, promotions, and confidence in the seller. 

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